Build Your Dreams With a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

If you have been turned down for a loan due to your credit history, you still have financing options. Instead of basing the decision solely on your current financial status or credit history, decisions are based on the value of your property. If the property in question holds enough value to cover the mortgage, loan insurance and taxes, you may qualify. Use the funds to improve your properties, purchase additional properties, or refinance existing loans. You can also use the loan as working capital.

Advantages of Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans

While these loans appeal to borrowers with credit difficulties, they benefit all types of borrowers. These loans require much less documentation than traditional loans, saving you time on paperwork. You also get the funds more quickly, letting you move your business forward without delay. Many types of properties can qualify, including restaurants, apartment buildings, and warehouses.

Basic Terms

Quest End Capital offers stated income loans with the following terms and conditions:

  • Loan amounts up to $500,000
  • Qualifying credit score of 600
  • 25-year amortized loans with fixed rates
  • Up to 65% Loan-to-Value (LTV) for retail properties, offices, self-storage facilities, warehouses, and auto service properties
  • Up to 70% LTV for non-owner-occupied investment properties with 1 to 4 units
  • Up to 75% LTV on mixed use and multifamily properties of 5 units of more with a credit score of 750 or higher

You will need your W-2 forms or self-employment documents to apply. If approved, you can use the funds for all your commercial property needs.

Contact Us

Call Quest End Capital to learn more about our stated income commercial real estate loan program. A financial advisor or representative with give you more details and help you decide if this is the best loan for your business. If approved, you may close on the loan and receive your funds within 2 to 3 weeks.