Business Etiquette Rules That You Need to Follow to Succeed at Work

While many professionals envision work dinners and networking events when they think of business etiquette, there is so much more to professionalism. If you want to succeed in your professional life, here are a few things that can help you avoid missteps and disasters at work.

Make an Impression

Whenever you are attending professional events, be sure to introduce yourself with your full name. Not only does this project confidence, but it makes you memorable and easy to find later on professional social networks.

Covering the Bill

Working lunches and coffee chats can be awkward. The best rule of thumb is if you initiate an invitation be ready to pay, but never assume someone else will pay for you.

Eating at Work

Don’t be the person who brings in a particularly pungent lunch that permeates the entire office. Consider taking a break outside for lunch so that you can take time to decompress, avoid disturbing others and recharge.

Behavior in Meetings

Meetings are a prime moment to project an exceptional level of professionalism. Avoiding fidgeting, keeping your personal belongings off the table and removing the distractions of digital devices can be key behaviors to achieve this. Another behavior to avoid is monopolizing the meeting minutes with your questions. Ask an appropriate number of questions without taking up too much time and you can always schedule time outside of the meeting to check in with individuals later on.

Respecting Someone’s Space

Part of professionalism is respecting those that you work with. If you want to exude that respect, make sure that you respect your colleagues’ workflows, offices and time. Don’t just pop by with a quick question or walk into someone’s office, distracting them when you can schedule a time to answer questions and tackle tasks.

Minding Email Messages

Another key area to address is the digital space. If you want to excel in your business etiquette, you need to be considerate when emailing. Removing those who don’t need to be on email chains and avoiding the reply all option unless absolutely necessary helps everyone avoid unnecessarily clogged inboxes.

Appropriate Gratitude

When you are the new person or find yourself feeling uncomfortable at work, it can feel natural to want to express your gratitude; however, there are times that this is unwise. Express your appreciation and gratitude once, confidently and don’t overdo it.

Don’t be afraid to invest time, energy and conscientiousness into business etiquette because it can pay off. You can set yourself apart in a competitive workforce without trampling those around them, and distinguish yourself as a member of the team who can navigate work passionately, appropriately and professionally.


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